Big Tens Team Race

This past weekend the team hosted the Big Tens Team Race at Baseline Lake! MCSA teams drove in on Friday night and gathered to socialize that night. The following morning, teams drove out to the lake to find that it had snowed several inches and temperatures were below freezing. Racing was called off at 9 am. Teams gathered for dinner at The Blue Leprechaun that night.
The following morning, teams made the trek back out to Baseline to find that it had warmed up only a few degrees. We made the push and sailed in the snowy weather. We were not able to complete a round robin, but they did get off four races in total. It ended in a tie for first between UW-Milwaukee, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. A coin flip led to UW-Milwaukee in first, Minnesota in second, and Wisconsin in third.
Though we hoped for better weather, we know not to expect it. We were glad to get in at least a few races before shipping the other teams after the weekend!