2018 Executive Board Elections

After a three and a half hour long meeting last Monday, December 4, we officially elected our 2018 Michigan Sailing Executive Board! This will be the first board that only has seven positions instead of our traditional ten.

The current board revised the positions in our Constitution this past fall and feel that condensing the responsibilities of various positions will help all future board members feel equally valued and responsible in team endeavors.

Congratulations to our new board members! We know you will do great things with the team in the coming year.

Co-captains: Amy Baer ('19) and Austin Haag ('20)
Treasurer: Grant Glover ('19)
Fundraising Chair: Kyle Doyle ('20)
Rec-Sports Liaison: Graham Eger ('19)
Sailing Development Chair: Connor Goulet ('21)
Communications Chair: Sofia Gambini ('19)