GLIOR Class Win

Eleven sailors elected to drive out to Larchmont, NY the weekend of October 8 and 9. This regatta had over 420 sailors from America, Canada, and France. Teams sailed on owner-coached keelboats. We were able to sail the J133 Antidote owned by Ron Richman. Despite Hurricane Matthew being tracked straight towards the Western Long Island Sound, until the route changed on late Wednesday.
Sailors used Friday afternoon to practice maneuvers and finalize roles on the boat.
On Saturday, the wind filled in to 8-12 knots, more than the forecasted 2-4 knots. This was a pleasant discovery for the team. Michigan sailed hard and fast, and we were able to end the day first in our class.
Sunday saw a consistent 15 knots with gusts going just above 20. Many boat owners were growing increasingly nervous about sailing as kites were breaking sporadically across the race course. Again, we continued to power through the heavy winds and were able to secure our spot of first in our class with a total of ten points at the end of the regatta. Following us in second was Webb Institute with 13.4 points.
We would like to thank the Davidsons and Steinmetz for generously hosting and feeding the team during this regatta.