Navy Spring Women's Regatta

Five girls headed out for Annapolis, MD on Friday, March 11 around 3 pm and arrived by 12:30 am. The sailors stayed Michigan Sailing alum Mike Vittorio’s house about 20 minutes from the Naval Academy. The team woke up, went to Naval Bagel, an Annapolis staple, and arrived at the Naval Academy at 9 am. There was absolutely no wind and the regatta was postponed all of Saturday which was a huge letdown for the eager sailors. The girls passed their time learning new card games and playing the Michigan classic, Euchre. Junior sailor Meredith Wiles’ parents came to watch them sail and brought lunch for the team. Freshman Tansy Greene’s family and family friends, all Michigan alumni, generously provided dinner on Saturday evening.
On Sunday, the races were postponed again for no wind until lunchtime. The B-team capsized while rolling too hard during a gybe in an FJ. They were able to get off five races before the end of the day. Even though the girls did not do so well overall, the regatta was a great opportunity to learn what their strengths and weaknesses are and what they need to improve on in the future. Michigan Sailing Team alum Alex Ramos came to catch up with the sailors and stuck around to coach the girls Sunday.