Northwestern Spring Regatta

Mike Gapuz, Zach Nerod, Ryan Davidson, and Mason Wolters travelled to Chicago to compete in the Northwestern Spring regatta this weekend.

The team was met with sunny skies and windy weather when they arrived at Northwestern’s new sailing center Saturday morning. The morning consisted of nice heavy wind sailing with a rotation being completed in each fleet. However, it proved to be too windy going into the afternoon, so racing was postponed for two hours. The team ate a hearty lunch at Portillo’s to take full advantage of this rare mid-day break, and racing resumed in the late afternoon. The team was sitting in second overall at the end of the day.

Sunday was much of the same, and two rotations were completed in moderate breeze. The team stayed in second overall and received first place in A division. After enjoying their bubble wand awards, the team hit the road for Ann Arbor.

Huge thanks to Northwestern for hosting an awesome regatta!

You can see the scores here.