MCSA Midwinters Brings Big UMich Wins

Two Michigan Sailing team members now sit on the MCSA officer panel. Graduate team member and part-time coach Brian Tobelmann was elected MCSA commissioner and freshman race chair Austin Haag was elected MCSA equipment manager. It is important to have Haag and Tobelmann sit on this panel because it means that Michigan will have a bigger seat at the table when it comes to MCSA team representation.

Team captains Lane Tobin and Mason Wolters as well as former race chair Grant Lyon also traveled to University of Milwaukee/Marquette to attend the MCSA 2017 Midwinters.

Midwinters is a banquet hosted by the MCSA where representatives of each team gather to finalize regatta dates and berth allocations for the teams. We are looking forward to the upcoming season to compete against our midwestern comrades.

This season we will be hosting, as is tradition, Big10 Team Race the weekend of March 25. We will also be hosting the MCSA Women's Championship regatta for nationals the weekend of April 8.