Charleston Co-eds

Sailors headed down to the sunny and warm Charleston, SC to tan and sail, the order is unclear. They left on Friday, March 11 around lunchtime and arrived to at 1:30 am. They stayed with a Michigan alum, Kevin Verner. On Saturday they woke up and drove to the sailing center with minimal navigational issues.
There was no wind at first, but then the breeze picked up as the day went on. The were able to get off 10 races in the first day. A fleet sailed in 420s and B fleet sailed in FJ’s. The races went on all day without breaks. There was a lot of current, which was quite the learning curve for members of the team. On Saturday night the tired sailors had pizza with their host and went to bed relatively early to rest up for the next day of racing. On Sunday there were only four races sailed because the regatta limited the number of races to 14. It was blowing 12-14 knots, and the current had less of an effect because of this, which helped the team. The team finished 8th, The competition was okay, it was a little lower tier because most of the competitive teams were at team racing events, but it was still a good regatta for the sailors to warm up for the rest of the season. Sailing team alum Ryan Seago traveled with them to coach for the weekend. Team members and coach Seago are pictured here.