Sloop Championships

On Saturday morning, three sailors drove out to the Detroit Yacht Club to compete at the Sloop Championships in Flying Scotts. The sailors were excited because this was one of few opportunities in college sailing to sail with a spinnaker. While the only sailor attending who had experience with a spinnaker was the skipper, Grant Lyon ('19), crews Vince Wborski ('17) and Charlie Rogers ('19) were able to learn quickly how to fly one.
The breeze was fairly heavy on Saturday, about 15 knots, making for an exciting time to learn a new skill such as flying a spinnaker. In fact, a fews races were sailed by free flying the kite because there were technical difficulties in setting the spinnaker pole. The sailors won every race but one on Saturday and claimed that their largest challenge was sailing in the current of the Detroit River. Adjusting their tactical mindsets, they were able to improve throughout the day and compensate for the current by the end.
Sunday's light wind proved to be much more of a challenge with the current for our sailors. However, the sailors were still able to maintain there spot in first place for the regatta, with second place being a whole 19 points behind them.