We're Getting New Boats!

Dear Alumni and Friends,

It has been a very exciting year for us on the University of Michigan Sailing Team. Our sailors have traveled all around the country to compete against some of the best teams in the Intercollegiate Sailing Association (ICSA). The team finished off the spring season by bringing home the Midwest Collegiate Sailing Association’s (MCSA) fleet racing and team racing championship trophies. In the fall, we fought hard to win the J44 one-design class at the 2014 Intercollegiate Offshore Regatta, and we successfully defended the Cary Price Memorial and Timme Angsten regatta trophies for another year. To cap off our year, we were designated the #1 ranked team in the MCSA.

However, our success hasn’t been limited to just on the water. Thanks to all of our generous donors both this year and past, I am beyond excited to announce that we have raised over $105,000 – we are finally able to update our fleet of 15 year-old, decaying boats.

It has been great seeing the team’s excitement, and there has been a clear increase in motivation from our younger sailors following this news. I am confident we are going to continue to have a strong, competitive team going forward.

Launched in 2012, our $200,000 Capital Campaign aims to replace our current, aged fleet of boats ($100,000) and set up an endowment ($100,000). So, while we are excited and anxious for our new boats, we can’t sit back and celebrate just yet.

We wouldn’t be in the position we are right now without you. With new boats, we can now practice more effectively, host more important, competitive regattas and maintain a strong presence in the ICSA. However, that is just one-half of our continued success. We now need to work hard to build our endowment so that we can afford to pay a coach, ensure that we have the funds to continue to travel across the country to compete and pay many of our organizational expenses while ensuring that future team members will not be financially restricted when replacing broken equipment.

We are committed to the continual growth and enhancement of our program so that we can remain competitive on the national scale. We have seen great recent success, but there is still $95,000 remaining in our goal to ensure that we can continue to see that success and financial stability for years to come. We hope we can count on your continued generosity, and if you are interested in discussing a more significant gift or naming one of the team boats we encourage you to contact the Student Life Development Office to learn more and discuss your impact. Thank you for your support and Sail to the Victors!


Mitch Kimball
Financial Development Chair
Michigan Sailing